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At Smith Springs, we are the leading experts who specialize and understand everything there is to know about Spring and Suspension systems.

All front and rear suspension systems have 2 primary functions:

  1. 1.) suspension maintains the weight of a truck and its cargo
  2. 2.) suspension absorbs the bumps and defects on the road

Together the front and rear suspensions work very hard to ensure the stability of the cargo and truck. The strength of suspension comes from primarily its springs in which it is seated. The springs suspend the frame of the truck during different driving conditions including acceleration, braking, sharp turns, terrain changes and differences in weight distribution. Without these systems in place to compensate the conditions of the road, trucks would be unstable and overturn.

There are several types of suspension systems that trucks have nowadays and we know how they all work and how to repair/replace them quicker than our competitors. With over 20 years of experience, we can boast that we are a leading authority of all types of spring and suspension systems in the Midwest.


One of the newer suspension systems on the market are Air Springs. These air springs can be used as a replacement for coil springs. Air Springs are made up of two components: 1.) the cap and 2.) the bellow. The bellow is constructed of a tough reinforced rubber. Air Springs come with many parameters—design, height, stroke, and load—since there are numerous styles, sizes, and capacity ratings for these systems.

Air Springs work by air filling a rubber tube, which expands and raises the chassis from the axle. When driving many miles over many bumps, the air is used to cushion the rig from the harshness of impact.

Failure of an air spring can occur when there is a problem with the air line, compressor, normal wear and tear and more.

leaf springs

Leaf springs are arched pieces of layered metal that are designed to recoil when weight and stress are added onto the center of the leaf spring. These leaf springs are usually made of 5160 carbon-chromium spring steel. The steel of this spring exhibits toughness, durability and a high-tensile ratio.

The ends of the leaves are then drawn and either rolled or tapered, providing easier flexibility and a smoother ride. The eyes are then formed on opposing sides of the spring to be held by a king pin to suspend the frame.

Fracturing is the most common problem of these types of springs.

Coil spring

A traditional torsion coil spring is a flexible metal device that returns to it’s original position after it has been stretched or compressed. Traditional coil springs are constructed from a round bar and coiled using a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine.
They are then tempered in a furnace to harden, and finally, the springs are phospate-treated and powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

The distance between coils will dictate how well the spring will return to its original spring position. This is also known as its spring rate. Like Air Suspension Systems, there are various other types of springs, often differentiated by their spring load and spring rate. Spring load and spring rate are often misinterpreted. Spring load means the amount of weight that will compress the spring to a specific height, which is measured in pounds. Spring rate is the amount of weight needed to compress the spring one inch and is expressed in inch-pounds (in-lb). Coil springs are often replaced due to worn or broken coils.

Here are some of the
systems we work with:


leaf springs

Coil spring

In general, all springs and suspension systems should be checked every 25,000-30,000 miles or every 6 months to ensure that breakdowns do not occur, and service and parts can be completed. And generally, rough truck rides may just be a cause of fault suspension.

At Smith Springs, we are experts in all types of Spring and Suspension systems.

We pride ourselves on our custom, modern equipment and the speed at which we can repair or replace your system. We regularly replace components of multiple suspension systems and will continue to do so quicker, better, and more cost effective than any of our competitors.

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