Beat Winter with Preventative Truck Maintenance

Beat Winter with Preventative Truck Maintenance

Posted November 11, 2016 by admin


Potholes are coming. And all the freezing rain and snow and salt that comes with them. When you drive a tractor-trailer in winter conditions, there are a lot more things you have to think about. How to combat the conditions and how to make sure all the snow and slush won’t be taking years off of your vehicle are very important.

It all starts with a routine. When fall finally arrives, there should be an established process to prepare for the cold months ahead. The first thing you should do is schedule a service appointment. A small operation without experience handling your rigs is not the way to go.

Look for an established, reputable service and repair shop that has many years of experience in your area along with positive customer reviews.

The next thing to think about with winter maintenance is being able to serve all the trucks you have. You want to be able to bring your whole fleet in for checkup over a short amount of time.

When your trucks are getting prepped for the winter ahead, if there are any problems, you want to be at a location that can fix the issue on site. A lot of the times mechanical problems aren’t realized until inspections are complete and there’s a solid look under the hood.

In terms of vital repairs, your shop should be able to handle air spring replacement, truck and trailer alignment, U-bolt repair or replacement, coil spring replacement and spring repair and replacement.

And when replacements and repairs are conducted, they need to be done with the absolute best parts.

Have you scheduled your winter service appointment for your semi truck fleet? If not, or if you are looking to upgrade to a superior operation, contact Smith Springs to get your trucks in: 800-619-4652.


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