Delivery Trucks and the Holidays

Delivery Trucks and the Holidays

Posted December 19, 2016 by admin


During the Christmas and holiday season, everyone has a lot to get accomplished. With all that’s going on in our own lives—the shopping, cooking, organizing, traveling, etc., we often don’t stop and think about the behind-the-scenes activities.

For example, take all the presents that will be bought this year (estimated close to 1 billion in America, alone). The amount of gifts purchased online increases every year. What does that mean? A lot of deliveries. UPS is set to deliver over 700 million packages from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. And that’s just one carrier.

With that many semi trucks on the road responsible for so much holiday enjoyment, the vehicles need to be in optimal condition.

The key to longevity for tractor-trailers starts with preventative winter maintenance. Before winter hits, get your whole fleet into a certified and trusted shop for a top-to-bottom inspection. The first three months of the New Year will still produce cold, snow and ice, so it’s not too late to get your trucks scheduled today.

Preventative winter maintenance is key! Once the vehicles are taken care of, from alignment to suspension repair, the next step is coordinating all the efforts to create an efficient process.

UPS will be shipping 18 million packages a day. That huge demand results in the hiring of over 95,000 seasonal employees. The new workers ensure the packages will get loaded from the warehouses to the trucks, but that’s only one part of the process. In a given day, drivers stop over 120 times, so finding the best route is paramount for efficiency. The Orion application allows for the 200,000 route possibilities to be organized into an actual plan of attack.

It doesn’t matter if your fleet is delivering presents or parts from one area of the country to the other; the trucks need to keep on running. Extend the life of your fleet by scheduling preventative winter maintenance with the “Home of the One Day Service Center,” Smith Springs: 800-619-4652.


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