Does Your Air Spring Need Replaced?

Does Your Air Spring Need Replaced?

Posted February 13, 2015 by admin

Air suspension systems in trucks are used in place of steel springs to provide a smoother ride than conventional spring systems. But if your Air Springs are worn or broken, you may be in for a very bumpy ride.

Air Springs are part of the air suspension system, which is a type of truck suspension system controlled by air through a pump or compressor. Air fills a rubber tube, which expands and raises the chassis from the axle. When driving many miles over many bumps, the air is used to cushion the rig from the harshness of impact. Considering air is the main catalyst for these springs they may seem quite simple but Air Springs are actually quite complicated.

Any number of problems can arise from a faulty or worn Air Spring, including: air bag/air strut failure, air line failure, air fitting failure, compressor failure, dryer failure, problems caused by normal wear and tear, and more. Repairing and replacing your Air Springs regularly is the safest and most efficient way to run your truck but emergencies do arise. Emergency Air Spring replacement is available at any of our Smith Springs locations.

At Smith Springs, we are experts in Air Springs and Air Suspension systems. We pride ourselves on our custom, modern equipment and the speed at which we can repair or replace your Air Spring system. Got a problem with your air spring in Columbus Ohio? We can help in any of our three convenient locations in Mt. Perry (near Zanesville), Jackson, or Columbus, Ohio.

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