Long Term Effects of Bad/Worn Springs on Your Truck

Long Term Effects of Bad/Worn Springs on Your Truck

Posted March 25, 2015 by admin

Improving a semi-truck’s performance, in tandem with the improving of fuel efficiency, won’t just lead to reduced fuel expenses, yet it also can lengthen the life of the truck. In any haulage or trucking business, in which nearly 1/3 of running expenses are spent on fuel, it may lead to significantly savings.

None of us want to make any upgrades as there’s an initial out-of-pocket cost. But, you must weigh this against the savings you’ll gain over the period of the year in reduced fuel expenses. There are multiple upgrades which may be considered. But the following, though pricey, will possess the most drastic impact upon improving fuel efficiency and performance.

• Performance Exhaust: It improves fuel efficiency by decreasing flow resistance and is going to lead to more miles from all liters of fuel.

• Tires and Suspension: Less wear on the tires will lead to less consistent replacement and it may be accomplished by equipping the semi-truck with air springs. Tires include a costly requirement in a haulage company so it may lead to a significant saving.

• Improving Weight Reduction and Aerodynamics: Putting in a tailgate cover is going to lessen drag, lead to improved fuel efficiency, and better aerodynamics. The same cannot be stated for headache racks and bully bars, if you do not have to have them, lessen the weight on the truck by getting rid of them.

Why Should You Replace Springs?
Weak springs will lower the chassis height of the semi-truck, and result in poor handling characteristics and premature tire wear.
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